Precision Levelling wedge series PKD

Bolt-through Bilz precision levelling wedge PKD are used on machines that necessarily need to be anchored due to un-favourable centre of gravity proportions. Also for machines thatmust be pushed or pulled when levelling – and for machines with low intrinsic rigidity.
Bolts: Not supplied as a standard scope can be supplied on request


  • The type of insulation pads used can be found in the type designation, for example PKD 3-0 is equipped with pad B0,PKD 3-4 with B4.
  • The specified maximum load is composed of static and dynamic loading of the machine. The best insulation effect is achieved at approximately 80-90% of the specified maximum load.
  • Please contact us if the size, insulation pad mounting or bolt size that you are looking for is not listed. In addition to our standard solutions and colours we also carry numerous special solutions. We are always happy to give advice.

PKD 1-0 TO PKD 8-0

Boring and cutting mills,machining centres, special machines, long bed lathers, long bed plaining machines.
TOP FACE:Plain surface
BOTTOM FACE: Insulation pad B0

Typemax. load Kg/pc.LBHdeDrill holeAdjustment range
mmmmCentre position mmmmmmmm
PKD 1-02,50011511560502422+4/-5
PKD 2-04,30015015061582323+5/-6
PKD 3-07,70020020063762726+3/-7
PKD 3/72-07,70020020087762726+4/-7
PKD 4-09,70020025087952726+10/-7
PKD 5-016,1002503308712510530+6/-10
PKD 6-023,600300400881509530+8/-12
PKD 7-039,3004005008820013035+8/-14
PKD 8-059,10050060013025515035+12/-15


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