AMT Machine Fixator, Series MF

AMT MF series machine fixator is a one stop solution for precise yet cost efficient installation of heavy machinery and equipment. They are available in two basic designs: bolt-through and bolt-on. The “bolt-through” design has a clearance hole for an anchor bolt to securely anchor machines to the floor orfoundation.The”bolt-on”designcomeswithfastenersandisdesignedforfree-standing installations. MF series machine fixator is based on double wedge principle. Both wedges move towards or away from the loading center symmetrically. Equalizing these forces around the center results in an absolute rigid and stable anchoring system. As there is equal load distribution through two lifting wedges, the force required to raise or lower a machine is reduced considerably, resulting in effortless and precision leveling.

amt fixator


  • Heavy machine tools for processing crankshafts and camshafts or rollers
  • Boring machines, gear testing machines, horizontal and critical machining centers
  • Surface grinding and laser cutting machines
  • Die-casting and plastic injection molding machines
  • Punching and press machines
  • Turbine and compressors
  • Printing machines


  • Precise and accurate machine positioning and leveling.
  • No horizontal machine movement.
  • Considerable reduction in machine maintenance cost.
  • No special foundation required.
  • Machine accuracy maintained for longer duration.
  • Sufficient adjustment height.
  • Reduced installation time thanks to effortless and precise leveling.
DescriptionUOMProduct Code
Max Load per mountkg200040005500
permissible maximum loadkg120002400036000
Dimensional Data
length x widthx Height ( LxBXH)mm180x120x75220x145x95270x180x110
Height Adjustment (h)mm567
Bolt through Size (?f)mm242837
Bolt on size (M)mmM20M24M30
Adjustment screw hex head (SW)mm222727
Resting Diameter (D)mm7592113


D-1/18, M.I.D.C, Ambad, Nashik-422010, India