General Information

Bilz levelling elements are used for vibration and structure-borne noise insulatedmachine installation. The maintenance-free machine feet guarantee the simple andprecise levelling of machines and are available in many versatile designs.The sizes and insulation pads are selected according to the application and load. The range of levelling can be adapted depending on the selected bolt length and theindividual requirements.

General information
The type of insulation pads used can be found in the type description,e.g. BNSH 80/50 is equipped with B50, BNVS 50/30W with B30W etc.

  • The specified maximum load is composed of static and dynamic loading of the machine.The best insulation effect is achieved at approximately 80-90 % of the specified maximum load.
  • Details on the properties of the insulation pads used can be found on pages
  • Permissible temperature range: -20 °C bis +120 °C
  • Please contact us if the size, colour, insulation pad mounting, or bolts that you are looking for are not listed. In addition to our standard solutions and colours we also carry numerous special solutions.We are always happy to offer our advice.


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