Vibration foundation with insulations pad sets

Multiple layering of Bilz insulation pads can achieve significantly reduced natural frequencies and therefore considerably increase the insulation effect compared with a single layer of insulation pads.These pad sets are particularly suitable for large machines and sprung foundations.The vibration insulation and damping properties of these insulation pads remain unchanged even after years of dynamic loading. Bilz insulation pads are resistant against the most common greases, oils, coolants,cleaning agents as well as acids and alkalis.

Insulation pad sets


  • Effective insulation pads for highly dynamic machines and foundations.
  • The permissible load capacity of a pad lies between 5 and 40 Kg/cm2 depending on the application. The number and size of the insulating layers and the required distribution of the pad sets is determined specifically for the application by Bilz.
TypeThickness unloadedNatural frequency verticalNatural frequency horizontal
B13W/B8, 2-layer3414.5 -26.55.5-12.5
B13W/B8, 3-layer5512.0-22.04.5 -10.0
B13W/B8, 4-layer7610.0-_18.53.5 -8.0
813W/B8, 5-layer978.0- 15.03.0 -7.0
B13W,/B8, 6-layer1186.5- 12.52.5-6.5


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