Type series FAEBI®-HD with adjustable damping

The combined rubber-air spring insulator FAEBI®-HD with adjustable damping comprises of an elastomer metal bonding with reinforced side wall and a two-chamber system. To achieve the greatest possible damping effect the interior of the air spring is divided into two air chambers connected by an air hose (load and damping volume). An adjustable throttle valve isused to set the flow cross section to the desired damping effect from the outside. The significantly higher damping effect compared to a single chamber system (FAEBI®) reduces the resonance amplification substantially and the machine movements fade noticeably faster. The increased energy substancially absorp-tion also has a positive effect on the manufactured goods and on machine and tool wear.

In comparison to viscous damping air damping is absolutely free of wear and maintenance-free and the damping factor can be easily adjusted from outside.


  • Ensure that the element is selected so that the maximum load(static and dynamic load) is not exceeded! For applications with higher dynamics harder variants of the FAEBI® reduce the deflection of the element. However, the softer the element is,the better the achievable insulation effect is. Please contact us, we are happy to assist with selecting a suitable element.
  • If the bottom edge of the machine does not completely coverØD, we recommend the use of our special protective cover
  • Permissible temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C
  • The elements are attached to the holes provided on the machine using the bolts supplied Anchoring to the floor is usually not necessary.
  • Bolt in the bolt by hand only, do not use an open-endwrench. Also only tighten the nut with low torque.
  • The machine is placed on the deflated element, which is theninflated in stages using the standard valve until dimension H(= working height) is reached. The maximum specified airpressure must also not be exceeded!
  • Inflation and deflation may only take place under load, observe the maximum permissible pressure.
  • Up to +/- 5 mm are available for levelling.
TypeVariantLoad Kg/pcmax.Pressure barA mmO/ D mmH approx. mm = Working heightH (deflated) mmO/ d mmh mmG mm
FAEBI® 200-HDHart700–1,500626023689901308M16
FAEBI® 300-HDHart1,400–2,9506.537034089942008M20
FAEBI® 430-HDHart3,000–6,6006.1500480919731512M20
FAEBI® 580-HDSuper Hart6,000–11,5006.968065012613538014M24



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