Mechanical pneumatic level control MPN

Bilz level control systems are significant components in the ®optimum function of vibration insulation using FAEBI® and FAEBI®-HD rubber or BiAir® membrane air springs. They prevent impermissible and undesired deflection of the insulators or an out-of-level condition of the machine that can be caused by load changes on an air spring mounted machine or system.Rapidly adding or venting air enables the air pressure within the air spring to be matched to the respective load, automatically controlling the height of the individual air springs. This enables the highest degree of stability and effective insulation even with changes in the centre of gravity.

Valve functions
The level is continuously sensed using the plunger. The position of the plunger is directly applied to the slide valveand the air spring is either pressurized or vented. The target levelis adjusted by turning the knurled adjustment ring. The heightand level of the machine is adjusted using three valves.

At least three air springs are controlled (Fig. 1). If more insulators are required due to reasons of design or load, the systemmust still be worked in three controlled groups, as otherwisethe system is statically overdetermined. This is achieved byusing multiple insulators in parallel as a group (Fig.2). An additional air maintenance unit is installed upstream of the control valves to prepare the compressed air.


  • Supplied as a complete set which includes the 3 control valves and all necessary hose lines and connectors. All components are also individually available as spare parts.
  • In addition to the standard solutions listed here we also hold special versions with regard to material, flow, accuracy and restoring force.
  • On the LCV variant the air flow can be reduced using the throttle valve should the control system tend to overshoot.The PVM
    variant can also be fitted with a throttle valve as an option.
  • If you have any questions please contact us, we would be happy to advise you.


Very robust galvanised proportional valve. Level accuracy is approximately ± 1/10 mm. Suitable for Bilz FAEBI®, FAEBI-HD® and BiAir® air spring insulators.

Available in the following versions:-
Standard version of the LCV with hard metal discs
Shortened version of the LCV with plunger insulation pad


High-precision yellow chromed proportional valve.Level accuracy is ± 1/100 mm. Suitable for Bilz BiAir® airspring insulators.

Available in the following versions:-
Standard version of the PVM with carbide washers
Shortened version of the PVM with stem insulation pad


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