LTH laboratory table

Particularly robust and resistant, dynamic applications

Product properties

  • Adjustable table feet
  • Rigid, welded steel subframe
  • BiAir® membrane air spring (vertical natural frequency approximately 3 Hz) between the subframe and table top
  • Mechanical-pneumatic level control (level accuracy ± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm, depending on the valve used)
  • Table top made from hard stone with a ground finish
  • Painting as desired by the customer
  • Working height 76 cm


  • Vibration-sensitive measuring and testing equipment
  • Laser equipment
  • Optical and electronic instruments
  • Scales
  • Medical instruments

The Bilz laboratory table LTH is a vibration insulated work place and can be used for all applications where vibrations and/or changes in level cause sustained disturbances to the experiment or work.
Disturbing vibrations from the environment are isolated by means of highly effective membrane air spring insulators and the solid hard stone plate.
At the same time the mechanical-pneumatic level control automatically ensures that the level is retained to an accuracy of up to±1/100 mm even with load changes.
The maintenance unit for compressed-air conditioning is included.


DimensionsLTH 60-50LTH 80-60LTH 100-63LTH 90-75LTH 100-80LTH 100-100LTH 120-80LTH 150-100LTH 200-100
Width [mm]6008001,0009001,0001,0001,2001,5002,000
Depth [mm]500600630750800100080010001000
Thickness [mm]100120100100140160160190220
Working Height [mm]760760760760760760700760760
max load [Kg]2502503003607007007001, 8002,800


D-1/18, M.I.D.C, Ambad, Nashik-422010, India