Insulation Pads

BILZ vibration isolation (anti-vibration) pad materials are highly developed, designed to solve problems caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure borne noise. Made from a precise combination of nitrile rubber, cork particles and cross linked polyester fibers, these high grade compound materials possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties.

One major advantage of these new compound materials are their resistance to modern cooling lubricants; the mountings can be used in oil sumps without any loss of their physical properties. Particularly worth mentioning are the superb “compression set” values. These are extremely important, for example, if modern machine tools are to be mounted in isolation while ensuring long term geometric position. 8 different types of pads provide the technically optimal solution to almost any vibration problem. The primary aim in the development of these vibration materials was to provide specific solution for a wide range of machinery for e.g. lathes, milling machines and grinding machines, as well as presses and feed press.

Resistance to Aging
The service life of these mounting pads is nearly unlimited if the load values are observed. No permanent deformation will result.

Resistance to Chemicals

  • Extremely high degree of resistance to conventional oils, grease, acids, etc. Completely resistant to cooling emulsions, thus allowing machine mounting in oil sumps.
  • Synthetic lubricants - Polyalkylenglycols, ester of a carbonic acid, radiator antifreeze
  • Fuels and motor fuels - Petrol (gasoline), diesel, heating fuel, aviation gasoline, special motor fuels
  • Lubricants - Roller and friction bearing greases, gear lubricant greases
  • Fire resistant pressure liquids - Oil in water emulsions, water in oil emulsions, water polymeric solutions
  • Mineral Oils - water mixable anticorrosive oils, sliding belt oils, compressed air oils, lubricants, thermal oils, filter oils, rolling oils, gear lubricant oils for cars, brake fluids and mineral oil basis
  • Purifiers - Chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum ether/benzene, cold purifiers, Washing and Rinsing agents, wetting agents, dilute acids, dilute alkaline solutions, salt solution.

Resistance to Temperature
+120o to - 20o C + 250o to 5o F

Application Technology 1

Machine mounting on BILZ insulating plates for machines that don’t require a high degree of mounting precision. Floor un-evenness can be compensated for by using shim plates, etc. The plates are normally geometrically positioned. Size is determined on the basis of machine weight and available contact area.

Application Technology 2

Schematic illustration of floor anchorage using insulator plate and washer. In some cases, it is necessary to anchor the object to be insulated to the floor. The use of insulator washers prevents vibrations being transmitted via the screw connection. In particularly difficult cases, it is advisable to use adjusted disc springs. Size, etc. is determined by BILZ.

Application Technology 1

Highly effective impact and vibration insulation using BILZ insulator plate sets. When insulating pulsating forces (presses, hammers, feed presses), BILZ plates are in this case combined to from sets. This helps to achieve extremely low natural vibration frequencies. Their great advantage over steel springs in the very high attenuation capacity.

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