FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs

FAEBI® Product Description
Rubber air spring for highly effective isolation of machinery and subassemblies against shock and oscillation. The bell shaped component is made of high grade elastomer. The construction allows a highly effective isolation without the disadvantage of excessive horizontal deflection. It is impossible for the element to break down as a result of overloading or a sudden drop in pressure. To reduce vertical dampening, the component is available with additional attenuation, see FAEBI®-HD below. The base plate is equipped with an anti-slip pad so there is no need to anchor the machine to the floor. Note: For outdoor use (e.g. isolation of a roof top air condition unit) the FAEBI® can be supplied in a stainless steel and EPDM elastomer version.

BILZ Level Controller Systems
Level control is an important part of an optimally functioning air spring system. Level control can be utilized whenever load changes occur on rubber air spring isolated machines, causing an unwanted one-sided spring deflection of the air elements, e.g. tilting of the machine.

Isolation against Shock and Oscillation
Depending upon the static load, the natural frequency of the elements varies between 2,5 – 6 Hz in the vertical direction. The ratio between vertical and horizontal natural frequency is 1– 1,2. Maximum spring deflection during impulse load is approximately 15 mm.

Range of Application
Excellently suited for active isolation of high speed power presses, forging hammers as well as other machines and equipment with high dynamic forces. Passive isolation of measuring and testing machines as well as high precision machine tools. Systems can also be supplied with an option of electronic or mechanical level control!

The components are screwed on to the machine by means of predrilled holes. It is not necessary to anchor the machine to the floor. The machine is placed on deflated elements which are then inflated to a maximum of 5–6 bar via a standard valve. To level the machine, air can either be released or added. The maximum height adjustment available is 10 mm.

Control of Air Pressure
Upon request, FAEBI® elements can be equipped with an air pressure monitor. This monitor will indicate if air pressure goes below the desired value.

FAEBI® – Mechanical-Pneumatic control valves
The mechanical-pneumatic control valves are a simple yet effective solution. The level is constantly scanned by a plunger. The plunger position in transmitted to a slide valve. Depending on the slide valve position, pressure is either applied to the air spring or vented from the inside of the air spring. The level can be maintained at an accuracy ± 0.1mm.
Principally three control valves are used. The incoming air supply is conditioned with a pressure regulator to limit system pressure to a maximum of 6 bar & with a water trap to remove vapor and an air filter to remove dust andany foreign bodies from the air supply.

Combined Rubber Air Spring Isolator FAEBI®-HD with adjustable dampening
Rubber air spring isolator FAEBI®-HD is made of a combination of high grade elastomer & metal with an enlarged sidewall. In order to obtain as high a dampening effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load / dampening volume) linked by an air tube. By the adjustable valve the dampening can be changed easily from outside. Due to the friction caused by the air stream passing through the bypass valve, it is possible to adapt the dampening to each application.
Because of the very high dampening, the resonance amplitude is much smaller and therefore you are able to achieve less machine movement. (see graph 1a + 1b on page 22 of the catalog) In addition, energy created by the machine is dissipated by the air spring, which provides improved machine performance and prolonged machine life.
In contrast to viscous dampers, the air dampening is absolutely wear resistant and free of maintenance. Furthermore it is possible to change the dampening from outside.

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