Product description
VITAP® - Vibration Isolated Table Top Platforms. These lightweight platforms consist of a robust, powder coated metal enclosure with either three or four integrated low natural frequency BILZ rubber air springs FAEBI® or the even lower natural frequency BILZ membrane air springs BiAir®. Platforms are available with or without a leveling system; automatic or manual leveling systems are available. Standard platforms are supplied with a granite top which provides a polished surface with high mass & stiffness.

Application / Usage
These platforms are designed for a wide range of applications with loads from 1kg to 150kg. These include visual devices, light microscopes, microscopes with CCD camera, inspection microscopes, small surface and roundness testers, lab and measurement rooms as well as semi clean rooms. They are also well suited for portable use.


Efficient BILZ - FAEBI® rubber air springs, leveling is manually controlled by adjusting the air pressure with three precision air pressure regulators


Effective BILZ - BiAir ® membrane air springs, levelling is automatically controlled (self levelling) by three mechanical-pneumatic level controllers. Automatic reset leveling after load change within +/- 0.1mm.


Efficient BILZ - FAEBI® rubber air springs with non-return valve.

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